Resetting Existing Springs

  • At Westralia Springs we are able to guarantee your reset spring to resist sagging because we reset ‘hot’.
  • By heating the spring leaves to a certain temperature in the furnace the longevity of the spring camber is ensured and any corrosive build up can be removed.
  • Each leaf is individually “set and fitted” to suit the camber of the leaf above.
  • Resetting leaf springs will adjust height and replace tension the spring has lost over time.  Should increase strength be required then additional leaves can also be added to springs
  • The type of reset can vary depending on load requirements.
  • Generally springs are set to slightly above required height to allow for settlement once fitted back into vehicle.
  • Leaf springs can only be reset and serviced providing they are not too worn or rusty internally.
  • Westralia Springs specalise in commercial 4wd and truck leaf suspension. We do not reset vintage / older vehicles /passenger car springs